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Some information as everyone gets started!
Q: How does a ship week work?

A: Basically, its a prompt-a-thon. As you can see in this post, each day has a different theme. The idea is, you prepare something for that matches the theme for every day and then post it on the day. That way, everyone who makes something to do with ‘Nightmares’ will post it on October 25th, everyone will post ‘Witches and Wizards’ things on October 27th and etc. Because its ship wide, hopefully each day of the week will bring lots of new stuff to the ship, each with a different take on an interesting theme.

Q: When does the week run?

A: The first day of posting is October 24th, and the last day is October 30th.

Q: Do we have to do every day?

A: Nope! Obviously we’re hoping that everyone participates as much as possible, but you’re welcome to participate in just one day or up to all seven. If you’re particularly good at time management, you’re also welcome to post multiple contributions to one day. Just know that everything will be appreciated.

Q: What can we make?

A: Basically anything! Fics, fanart, graphics, fanvids, fanmixes, anything that you’d like to make to go with the theme is welcome.

Fics and fanvids have no length limit, and nothing else has a size limit. Just make something that you think is long enough to get your idea across and still work. We aren’t imposing any restrictions, we just ask that it matches the theme of the day.

Q: How strict are the themes?

A: Not incredible. One of the best parts of doing a theme week is to see how differently each person interprets the themes. For example, day 2 (Of the first week we had) is ‘first times’; it can be any kind of first time as a couple thing that you would like. Likewise, any kind of crossover or AU will go on that day, and Scandals day just needs to have something to do with the Scandals bar. As long as you match the theme day in some way, it will be counted as part of the week. Just make sure that the theme of the day is also the central theme of your contribution.

Q: What should we tag?

A: If you have questions or comments now, tag them with #KurtbastianWeek2012. When it comes time to post your finished projects, you can tag them with #kurtbastianweek2012 AND #kurtbastian so that everyone can see. We have the tags KurtbastianWeek2012 and kbweek2012. Use them. Please tag your post with the appropriate category, including day. Useful tags: #Day 1 #Day 2 #Day 3 #Day 4 #Day 5 #Day 6 #Day 7 #Fics #Fanart #Gif Sets #Graphics

Q: Will you guys be doing anything with the final posted stuff?

A: We will be doing a round up of some kind at the end of each day, so that everything is in one place. How we do that will depend on how much participation we get and what people make. If we have a lot of stuff, each day might have its own master post, if we have slightly less we might be able to reblog everything and tag it #day 1, #day 2 etc. If you have a suggestion you’re welcome to message us and we will take it into account, but we’re going to decide more the closer we come to posting time.

Mod Maeve is also a mod at Kurtbastianfics, and will be happy to make sure that all the fics go up there as well.

We’re also hoping to recognize the pieces with the most notes and reblogs at the end of each day. They’ll get bragging rights, and special recognition during the round ups at the end. We hope that inspires everyone to put out their best work, and to like and reblog other people’s work, but judging by how much excitement we’ve seen so far, we have a feeling that everyone will be a winner at the end of this.

Please feel welcome to ask us any questions that have not been answered here, and let the feel and creys commence.

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