[Kurtbastian Fic] - Day 2: When Christmas Stops Being Blue


Pairing: Kurtbastian

Submission Day: 2nd Day - Mistletoe

Rating: PG

Word count: 1,434

Warnings: unbeta-ed. I apologize for mistakes and typos in advance.

Summary: At a Christmas party in 2019 Kurt meets someone he hasn’t seen in a long time. He used to hope that he would never see this person again but now he’s not so sure about that.

The person turns around and Kurt wants to pinch himself because this just cannot be…



He starts to turn around when he sees some guy approaching them.

“Hey, guys, look where you’re standing!” he says loudly.

“What?” Kurt looks around, puzzled. Sebastian shrugs, not understanding either.  

“Look up!”

There is mistletoe exactly above them. 

A/N: I wrote it back in November when I first saw the themes for Christmas Week. But then finals happened and I didn’t have time to edit it. And I ended up almost completely changing it. And I’m four days late, sorry. 

Also I should be finishing my Big Bang. But as you can see, I’m not.

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i’m not cold when you’re by my side


pairing: kurt/sebastian
submission day: 1, playing in the snow
rating: t for a teensy bit of language
word count: 1,263
summary: kurt’s not happy about spending christmas in lima, sebastian helps cheer him up
notes: i’m late for day one oops but if i get the time i might make all of this week’s prompts into a mini ‘verse?
+ title from this song

Really, Kurt didn’t want to come home for the holidays, but Burt and Carole absolutely couldn’t make it to New York—too much work to be done at the tire shop in the midst of snow chain season—and he hasn’t seen Finn since the awkward run-in after Grease, so here he is, sitting under a blanket on his family’s couch in Lima, in the middle of a snowy day a week before Christmas, bored out of his goddamn mind.

Finn, on the other hand, is perched at the other end of the couch, bowl of popcorn precariously balanced on his knees, watching the television with wide eyes and a goofy smile.

“C’mon, Kurt, get into the spirit!” he says overexcitedly. “I haven’t watched Frosty the Snowman since I was, like, eight, this is so awesome.”

Messed up as it is, Kurt almost wishes Rachel came with him to Ohio for the holidays instead of going to Bali with her dads, just so Finn wouldn’t be so jumpy and hyper and, well… Finn.

At eighteen years old, there really isn’t much to enjoy about a children’s Christmas cartoon that’s been out since your father was a kid, so Kurt busies himself on his phone, alternating between checking Facebook and trying to beat Matrix Bubble until he’s so consumed by boredom that he’s pretty sure he’ll explode if he’s in the house any longer.

“I’m going to the park,” he announces abruptly. His jeans aren’t exactly thick enough to keep his legs warm and dry, and the boots and coat by the door are going to need a good cleaning job later if he wears them out, but he needs out of here now before Finn pops in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and he’s subjected to an entire day of old videos, even if it means not changing into a more suitable outfit.

He walks to the park because there’s no way he’s chancing wrecking his Navigator by skidding on black ice, and besides, it’s not too far of a walk. The streets have been plowed and swept for the most part, but Kurt stays in the fresh snow on the sidewalk for the duration, listening to the squeak and crunch of it under his boots.

The last time he saw snow in Lima, Kurt was snuggled up with Blaine on the Andersons’ couch, watching It’s A Wonderful Life and stealing kisses whenever Blaine’s parents weren’t watching. This time, he can only dream of those days.

It’s probably a testament to his loneliness that the park is empty when Kurt arrives. The jungle gym and all of the tables are covered in a thick layer of snow, untouched other than a few lines of footprints left behind by stray animals. With a gloved hand, he pushes the snow off of one swing and dries it off so he can sit, idly rocking back and forth and catching snowflakes in his palm.

He has half a mind to text Tina or Santana or even Quinn to come hang out, but he also doesn’t feel like bringing anyone else down to his level of mopeyness, so he just closes his eyes and leans the side of his head against the chain he’s gripping.

That is, until there’s a moment of sharp, cold pressure in his lower back.

Kurt startles when it hits him, nearly flipping off of the swing and into the slush he’s created beneath his shoes, but he regains his composure and stands up to glare at whoever beaned him with a snowball.

Standing next to the see-saw, wearing a shit-eating grin, is Sebastian Smythe.

Of course.

It’s not like they hate each other now—Blaine encouraged them to bury the hatchet after regionals last year and they maybe developed a tentative acquaintanceship when Kurt worked at The Lima Bean in the few months before he left for New York—but the last person Kurt wants to see right as he’s angsting about his breakup with Blaine is someone who used to want in said ex-boyfriend’s pants.

Kurt groans, dusting off his coat and jeans. “Can we not right now? I don’t really feel up to trading insults today.”

There’s a moment where Sebastian’s expression softens, like he’s actually feeling sympathy like a normal human being, before he shakes his head and tosses another snowball from palm to palm.

“Who said we were trading insults? I do believe that was a snowball I threw at you, not a nasty comment.”

He tries to fight it, he really does, but a smile creeps up on Kurt’s face anyway, and before he knows it, he’s dashing behind a slide to dodge the snowball Sebastian lobs at him. There’s barely enough time to make a few of his own before the taller boy catches him, hitting Kurt right in the shoulder with a handful of snow before he breaks his own snowball over Sebastian’s beanie.

“You fucker!” Sebastian laughs as the ice cascades down his face, nudging Kurt backwards so they’re both sitting in the snow, covered in flakes and laughing hysterically.

“Hey!” Kurt chuckles. “You said no insults.”

“Since when is ‘fucker’ an insult? Oh no, it’s been implied that I have an active sex life!” Sebastian replies, leaning back until he’s lying flat against the freezing cold ground. Slowly, he starts moving his arms and legs in snow angel formation, nudging Kurt’s leg when he doesn’t do the same. Kurt just raises an eyebrow and shakes his head.

“No way in hell. Do you know how much this jacket cost me?”

Sebastian rolls his eyes. “Enough that you can be assured that it won’t get ruined by getting wet. Down, Hummel.”

Kurt huffs, unwilling to admit that Sebastian is right, and lays down in the snow next to him, limbs flailing about to carve his shape into the ground.

“What are you doing at a park in Lima anyway?” he wonders aloud after a few minutes of silence.

Sebastian sits up a bit, leaning his weight on his elbows. “I was on my way to meet up with Trent and Jeff at The Lima Bean when I saw you looking like a kitten that got kicked in the face. Sue me and my ‘new leaf’ or whatever for feeling bad.”

This shuts Kurt up, and he brushes his fingers across the ground beneath them. “Oh.”

A smile graces Sebastian’s face before he elbows Kurt. “It’s fucking cold outside and I’ve still gotta meet the guys. C’mon, I’ll get you a latte for forcing you to make a snow angel.”

“You don’t have to,” Kurt offers, but Sebastian just rolls his eyes.

“Kurt? Shut up.” There’s a smile on his face, though, and he ushers Kurt to follow him to his car: a bright red Lexus because of course it is. “I don’t know if you realize this, but we’re kind of friends.”

“I guess we are,” Kurt mumbles, smiling to himself as he sits down in the passenger seat, careful not to let his clothes drip too much on the interior. When Sebastian slides into the driver’s side, Kurt nudges him. “Thank you.”

There’s a lot behind the words—thanks for the ride, thanks for the coffee, thanks for keeping me from being bored and hanging out with my dimwitted stepbrother all day—but most of all, he’s thankful for the fact that, because of Sebastian, he’s smiling right now, not thinking of Blaine or NYADA or how much he’d rather have his family come to New York instead of being in the town that’s haunted him his whole life.

Sebastian eyes the boy like he’s suspicious of something, but he just shrugs. “No problem. Anytime.”


HOLIDAY Kurtbastian Week:
day 1: kurtbastian + snow; In which Kurt talks Sebastian into helping him shovel the snow out of their driveway.

Kurtbastian Week Day 1 - The Windowsill


A/N: Not really ‘playing in the snow’, but I did my best. Have fun with the pure, unbeta’d fluff.

Prompt: Playing in the snow
Word Count: 720
Rating: PG (swearing)


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Christmas Kurtbastian Week

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Kurtbastian Week 2012 #3: Day 2, Nightmares


Title: It’s Only a Stupid Dream, isn’t it?

Submission Day: 2

Creator: christophergustin

Rating: R

Summary: Kurt remembered exactly when Sebastian died. It was an accident; they were in the wrong place and wrong time, and his husband jumped in front of him when the gangs started to shoot. 

Note: Yes, I know this is a bit too late.


Aleksandra Smythe opened her dad’s study room door quietly. “Dad? I’m home.” She flipped her hair to the side. “Daddy? I know it’s been five years, but—dad, please. You’re the only one I have left. You can’t do this to yourself, to me. And Papa won’t like it.”

“It’s not that, Alek.” Kurt Smythe sighed. He walked to his daughter’s direction and hugged her tight. “I kept having nightmares.” He hugged Aleksandra tight as he kissed her golden hair. “Nightmares about how if I was the one that died, how if we didn’t choose to take a shortcut, how if our car didn’t broke, they’re just how ifs and I’m scared, Alek. I’m scared. I don’t know why, but I’m scared.” He sobbed.

“Shh, Dad. Shush.” Aleksandra tightened her grip on Kurt’s waist. “I love you, and I love Papa. But listen to me; Papa won’t like you mopping around after he left for five years.” 

“Y-yeah, you’re right. I think I raised you right.” Kurt smiled sadly. Aleksandra smiled back. “You both raised me right. By the way, do you want me to sleep in your room?”

“Y-yeah, that’d be nice.” Kurt shrugged. Aleksandra kissed Kurt’s cheek. “I’ll be in the living room if you need anything.” 


That night Aleksandra lulled her father to sleep as she drifted herself to the dreamland. But it kept coming to Kurt.

It was their fifteenth anniversary. They were so, so happy—I mean, we’re talking about Sebastian Smythe having his fifteenth, fifteenth years anniversary of his marriage. They left Aleksandra to watch their place with her friends (who’s, coincidentally, were planning for sleepover in their flat) so they can spend the rest  of the day for themselves; a walk in the Central Park, shopping in several malls, lunch and coffee date, watching a movie, karaoke, candlelight dinner.

They were having a blast, up until the car they used broke.

“Fuck!” Sebastian cursed. “Hmmh, let’s just call Finn and we’ll walk to the subway station. It’s only, like, 9 pm…”

“Yeah, yeah. But you’re calling.” Sebastian grumbled. Kurt went out from the car and put his hands on Sebastian’s shoulders and pecked his lips. “Don’t be grumpy after our perfect day, baby.”

Sebastian nodded slowly. “Sorry, didn’t mean to.”

“I know.” Kurt kissed him again. “Let’s go, then.” He smiled fondly. Sebastian wrapped a hand around Kurt’s waist and kissed his hair. “I love you. Thank you for today, baby.”

“Thank you too, for today. I really do love you too.” Kurt put his head on Sebastian’s shoulder. “I love you.”

“Hey! Just give us our money and we won’t mess with your people!” 

“No fucking way we’re going to give OUR money to you!” 


Kurt jumped at the sight of blood splattered. He instinctively hugged Sebastian. “Bas…”

“Yes, I know. Shush. We’ll get out of here, ok, baby?” Sebastian walked slowly in the alley, back facing the gangsters, hands around Kurt’s body. “Shh. Don’t cry. I’m here—AH!” Sebastian held his hands around Kurt’s head to the wall so he won’t hit Kurt’s petite body.

“Get the fuck away from this crap!” One of the guys yelled to Sebastian. 

“I’m trying, you’re not giving me a—”


Kurt gasped. He hugged his husband tight, calling his name here and then, giving him CPR—basically, everything he could think to save his life. “Bastian, please, not now. Sebastian, baby please. Stay with me. Stay with me. I love you, ok? We’ll get this through together. Baby—”

“K-Kurt—listen—I—tell—t—tell—Alek—Al—ek—I—love—h—her…” Sebastian cringed. He scratched Kurt’s hand weakly. “I-I—really—re—really—l-love—y—you…”

And that was it. That was Sebastian’s last words before he stopped breathing, before he closed his eyes for forever. “Bastian! No, not now. Baby. Baby! Sebastian, please. Don’t mess with me. This isn’t funny.” He started to sob uncontrollably. With trembling hand, he reached out for his phone and dialed a number.

A number that he doesn’t even remember before he sob so uncontrollably in an alley in the middle of New York City.


“Dad!” Aleksandra slapped Kurt’s face. “I’m sorry, but you were crying and screaming Papa’s name, so I thought—”

“T-Thanks. That was a good slap, actually.” Kurt tried to joke. It didn’t work; Aleksandra looked at him in glassy eyes.

“Alek, it’s ok. I’m ok. It’s just another nightmare again.” Kurt said. 


“It was so real! I can’t—I just can’t handle it, Alek. I—will you hug me? I may not the best father, but I try to be a good father for you and this is not me trying. I’m sorry.” Kurt started to ramble. Aleksandra laughed. “Dad, you’re the best father in this entire world, tie with Papa. If he’s here now, he’ll ruffle your hair and say, ‘You’re cute. I love you.’ to you and he will kiss you. And though he’s not here now, I know, he’s somewhere near us, watching us. And I know he’s hurting too, watching you hurting. So please, Dad.”

“Okay, Al.” Kurt nodded.


Year after year, the nightmares are going more less real, less vivid, and then they were gone. 

They were gone; right when Kurt died in the age of 82. 


Title: With a Flick of Your Wand
Submission Day: Day Four
Creator: acciograntgustin
Rating: T
Summary: Hogwarts AU
Author’s Note: Yes, I realize I’m a bit late.

Kurt sucked in his lower lip and worried it between his teeth as he scrawled on the parchment. His Potions essay was taking way longer than expected. Of course, it was a heavy assignment; four and a half scrolls of parchment about the Draught of the Living Death was enough to give anyone a headache.

He had just leaned in when a stack of books fell in front of him, on the table. With a yelp, Kurt jumped up and pushed back in his chair. There was a chuckle behind him, and Kurt turned around to see Sebastian laughing, a self-satisfied look on his face and his wand dangling in his hand.

“You prat!” Kurt yelled, grabbing a book and hurling it at Sebastian. Sebastian yelped as he quickly leveled his wand and stopped the book from hitting him.

“Oh, come on, it was a little funny. Besides, you were getting boring just working on your homework. You have to have a little adventure every now and then. Thad’s having a party later, and he’s stocked on the Firewhiskey, so —”

“I’m not going to that stupid party. Some of us actually care about school here.” With a huff, Kurt leaned back in his chair and pursed his lips.

“Merlin, you’re so melodramatic.” Sebastian just shook his head as he walked forward. He moved down, wrapping his arms around Kurt and the chair from behind before pressing a kiss to his neck. “I’m bored.”

“And you can do what you want. What I want is to study in peace and quiet.” Though an annoyed look stayed on Kurt’s face, he relaxed a bit as Sebastian kissed him again on the neck.

“Oh, really?” Slowly, Sebastian moved up, his lips trailing behind Kurt’s ear before moving down his jaw. “You sure?” Kurt melted backwards, his eyes closing.

“You’re distracting me. It’s not fair,” he mumbled, his head even tilting to the side when Sebastian kissed down his neck and to his collar again.

“You like it.”


Sebastian just maneuvered himself into Kurt’s lap before pressing a light kiss to Kurt’s lips. He wrapped his arms around Kurt’s waist and smirked. “You’re a piss poor liar, you know.”

With a grin, Kurt pressed another quick peck to Sebastian’s lips. He reached up, one hand resting at the base of Sebastian’s neck before mumbling, his lips still against Sebastian’s, “Oh, shut it.”


Kurtbastian Week:
day 7: kurtbastian + crossovers; In which true love’s kiss will break any curse and Sebastian has been put under a curse of eternal slumber and hidden away from Kurt.

Title: kurtbastian + crossovers
Submission Day: 10/30/12; day 7
Creator: alexzzwenzel
Rating: T
Summary: In which true love’s kiss will break any curse and Sebastian has been put under a curse of eternal slumber and hidden away from Kurt. Or the one in which Sebastian is Sleeping Beauty and Kurt is his Prince Phillip.

Anonymous asked: is submitting being extended on a count of hurricane sandy? a friend of mine has a fic she's been working on, but she has no power and can't send it in

We’re accepting submissions for another week or two!

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Kurtbastian Week:
day 6: kurtbastian + lost; In which Kurt and Sebastian are roommates and Sebastian didn’t come home the night before so Kurt assumed he was out getting his conquest on but when he gets a call at work, he learns just how wrong his assumption was.

Title: kurtbastian + lost
Submission Day: 10/29/12; day 6
Creator: alexzzwenzel
Rating: T
Summary: In which Kurt and Sebastian are roommates and Sebastian didn’t come home the night before so Kurt assumed he was out getting his conquest on but when he gets a call at work, he learns just how wrong his assumption was.

Fic: What Seems Impossible (Kurtbastian Ghost Hunters AU)


Title: What Seems Impossible

Submission Day: Day 7, AU/Crossover Day

Creator: artist-artists

Rating: T

Summary: AU in which Kurt and Sebastian are part of LPIT, a team of ghost hunters based in Lima. A seemingly routine house investigation turns up more than anyone expected. ~3700 words.

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